At the outset, DHSA identified 2500 doctors without their own doctor in SA (45% of the profession). There was a pressing need for a doctors’ health program offering check-ups, web-based health information, access to after-hours services and a larger network of ‘doctor-friendly’ clinics for on-going GP care of doctors and students.

Clinical services started on 1 May, 2012, offering comprehensive after-hours check-ups in our new city clinic and easier access to the state-wide network of GPs and health professionals associated with the program.

Continuing professional development is a priority and the DHSA training seminar series is designed to enhance skills for those GPs who are assessing and managing the health of doctors. DHSA premises are located at 327 South Terrace and are a new focal point for doctors’ health in SA, helping the profession to find a doctor-of-choice. We continue to seek broad input from the profession to improve our program as it evolves.


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