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CrazySocks4Docs Day is held every year on the first Friday of June. The aims of the day are all about normalising the conversation around mental health and creating a safe place to do it.




Friday 3 June

6:45AM - 9AM


About #CrazySocks4Docs

Money raised from the #CrazySocks4Docs Breakfast will go to the CrazySocks4Docs Trust Foundation which is all about raising awareness of the mental health of all doctors around the world!

Dr Geoff Toogood will be in attendance at this years breakfast to announce details of a special project directly benefiting doctors’ mental health that has been initiated with funds raised from last year’s breakfast.

The Crazysocks4docs movement came out of the responses that the founder Dr Geoff Toogood experienced when he happened to wear odd coloured socks to work. The talk behind his back was that he was failing again. In reality he was well, and his socks (apart from the last two odd socks that he was wearing that day) had all been eaten by his new puppy. Rather than start a discussion about whether he was ok, there was whispering behind the scenes. As a result of this experience, Geoff established CrazySocks4Docs Day as an attempt to address the stigma around mental health in doctors, and to make it ok for a Doctor not to be ok.

CrazySocks4Docs Day is held every year on the first Friday of June. The aims of the day are all about normalising the conversation around mental health and creating a safe place to do it.

Approved for Professional Development

Local Health Networks and the Department for Health and Wellbeing have confirmed that SA Health doctors can claim reimbursement for the cost of the breakfast under their Professional Development entitlements.

Special Guest

Dr Geoff Toogood

Founder of #CrazySock4Docs

Keynote Fireside Chat

Dr Tahnee Bridson

Founder of Hand-n-Hand Peer Support Inc.
Queensland Young Australian of the Year 2022

Our Local Panel

The Panel will focus on how organisations are striving to improve and structure workplaces and practices that support positive working environments. As well as provide an understanding of how toxic work environments are negatively impacting doctors and other health workers wellbeing.

Fiona Fitzgerald

Program Manager, Health Roundtable

Prof. Michelle Tuckey

Professor of Work and Organisation Psychology

Dr Andrew Lavender

Deputy Director, Department of Anaesthesia, Royal Adelaide Hospital


Dr Sam LaBroome

Advanced Trainee in Thoracic Medicine, CALHN


Dr Ashley Twigger

Psychiatry Registrar, NALHN

Danny Haydon

Clare Medical Centre, "first rural practice to be a doctors' for doctors practice"


Panorama Ballroom

Adelaide Convention Centre

North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000



via Zoom

Rural & Interstate Participants Only

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Accomodation Provider

Dr Geoff Toogood

Founder, #CrazySocks4Docs

Geoff is the founder of the Crazysocks4docs movement. He is a consultant cardiologist in Melbourne, Victoria.

He has lived experience of both depression and anxiety. He faced stigma and discrimination at many levels and was determined that once recovered he would create an awareness movement to break down the stigma faced by health professionals.

He wants to reduce doctors’ suicide around the world.

Dr Tahnee Bridson

Founder, Hand-n-Hand Peer Support Inc

2022 QLD Young Australian of the Year

Dr Tahnee Bridson is best known for her work to reduce stigma, improve help seeking and promoting mental wellbeing as the founder of Hand-n-Hand Peer Support Inc. Tahnee experienced shame and stigma firsthand when she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa as a university student. She rose through adversity and defied the odds by graduating top of her class. Her personal experiences were the inspiration behind Hand-n-Hand – so that no one would ever need to go through this alone again. Tahnee’s work was recognised by her home state, and she was selected as the 2022 QLD Young Australian of the Year.

Fiona Fitzgerald RN

Program Manager, Health Roundtable

Fiona Fitzgerald is an experienced registered nurse. She is a program manager with Beamtree the service partner for the Health Roundtable. Fiona leads the patient safety, medical patient journey and workforce wellbeing programs. Over the past 3 years with the support of the Health Roundtable members she has introduction and led the implantation of the Well-being Index developed by the Mayo Clinic to the Australasian healthcare workforce. Fiona believes that wellbeing is a shared responsibility and through collaboration, curiosity, kindness, and leadership the tide of burnout can be turned.

Prof Michelle Tuckey

Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology, Centre for Workplace Excellence | University of South Australia

Michelle’s research focuses on designing mentally healthy workplaces that are resistant to workplace bullying and occupational stress. Her research has advanced the risk management of bullying as a work health and safety hazard, including the development of evidence-based practical tools and interventions to diagnose and mitigate the underlying risk factors. Michelle’s research also addresses organisational climates that support psychological safety, high-quality leadership to foster well-being at work, and mindfulness in the workplace. Michelle serves on the editorial board, as guest editor, or reviewer for several international scholarly journals in the field of occupational health psychology. In addition to over 100 academic publications, Michelle’s research has been applied in a range of organisations and by work health and safety regulatory bodies nationally and internationally, and was cited in the South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into bullying and fatigue in healthcare.

Dr Andrew Lavender

Deputy Director, Department of Anaesthesia, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Dr Lavender is a full-time staff anaesthetist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He has an understanding of the new CALHN Professional Accountability Program and will contribute on the panel about what this program aims to achieve. He has been a past AMA(SA) President and was President of the AMA at the time of establishment of Doctors’ Health SA Ltd. He has a strong interest in doctors’ health and in particular, the welfare of surgeons and anaesthetists. Dr Lavender joined the Doctors’ Health SA Ltd Board in 2010 and is current Chair.


Dr Sam Labroome

Advanced Trainee in Thoracic Medicine, CALHN

Dr Sam LaBroome is a Advanced Trainee in Thoracic Medicine at Central Adelaide Local Health Network. Sam has served on SASMOA’s TMO Committee since 2020 and is currently the Committee Chair. Sam is passionate about doctors’ mental health and wellbeing and is a great advocate for all trainee doctors across South Australia.”


Dr Ashley Twigger

Psychiatry Registrar


Dr Ashley Twigger is a Trainee Psychiatrist at the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network. Ashley has served on SASMOA’s TMO Committee since 2021, having been involved in NALHN’s Community of Practice and Constructive Learning Environment Committees in 2021. Ashley has completed further studies including those on leadership in management for health services, as well as in self-care and wellbeing. She is an avid advocate for doctor wellbeing, psychological safety within the healthcare workforce and improving outcomes for both patients and staff alike. Ashley has a demonstrated passion for mentorship, providing clinical mentorship, teaching and support through her role as Clinical Associate Lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

Danny Haydon

Clare Medical Centre

"first rural practice to be a doctors' for doctors practice"

Danny is proud to have been associated with Clare Medical Centre since 2003 and until recently as the Executive Officer of this high performing rural practice. In that period overseeing the re-development of the premises, organisation of their business governance, expansion of services including practice nursing and mental health services, and the addition of branch practices in Snowtown, Burra and more recently the acquisition of a city practice, Health on Kensington. Clare Medical Centre will be the first rural practice in Australia to become a doctors’ for doctors practice.

Danny has been a business consultant since 2008 and heads up the Health Division at Brentnalls SA an accounting and advisory firm, focusing on value adding to better enable health-related businesses and services to achieve their business financial goals.

Danny is also the Chair of Brentnalls SA, which has an ownership group of 10 Partners and Principals. He is the Vice-Chair of Sonder, a Not-for-Profit organisation supporting vulnerable community groups in South Australia, and previously served as a Director of the Australian Association of Practice Management, including 3 years as the National President.





Dr Rosanne Skalicky

Rural Generalist in Critical Care, Royal Flying Doctors SA

Dr Skalicky (often referred to as ‘Dr Rose’), is a senior Emergency Physician with extensive national and international experience. Having worked as an emergency physician in Tasmania, Queensland, and South Australia (RAH), Dr Rose headed overseas in 2009. With a passion for equitable access to healthcare and international development in EM, Dr Rose has spent the last decade working overseas in a fulltime capacity – remote NW Tanzania and most recently in Myanmar. In Myanmar, Dr Rose worked under the Ministry of Health developing acute emergency services and training nationally, which included a full-time teaching and clinical load. Having returned to Australia in early 2021 Dr Rose is currently employed by the RFDS as a Rural Generalist in Critical Care, working primarily out of Port Augusta.

Dr Roses’ professional interests include:

·Improving equity in health access
·Health care development of EM in low-middle income countries
·Capacity building of Health staff

When not at work Dr Rose enjoys caring for her family, reading, craft, and obviously seeing new places, and engaging with people from different cultures.